Animated Knots by Grog | How to Tie Knots | Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care,

Nice web site, with animation, that will show you how to tie specific knots…

This website provides clear animations showing how to tie the knots most frequently needed in fishing, boating, climbing, scouting, surgery, search and rescue, splicing, household activities, decorative knot tying, and rope care.

Source: Animated Knots by Grog | How to Tie Knots | Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care,

Listen to your favorite online radio stations – myTuner

I really like this online radio service (called myTuner) and especially like when you find and select a station it will pop out into its’ own small window (which allows you to listen while you surf). This app is available for many platforms and in my case; works on my Chromebook, Windows computers, and my Android devices as a dedicated app (smartphones and tablets).

Listen to your favorite radio stations and more than 50000 online radio stations for free on Easy to use internet radio.

Source: Listen to your favorite online radio stations – myTuner

You Will Love This Virtual Note Board App

You will love this virtual note board app, called “Note Board” that will help you remember tasks, write sticky notes, save web content, post pictures, etc… “Note Board” allows you to save content you come across with the Chrome or Firefox browser extensions; AND, is available as an Android or iOS app.

Note Board, productivity app

Organize notes: move your sticky notes to the board you want and drag the bottom right corner to resize.

Multiple boards: organize notes in boards, use textures to change the look of the board, move notes between boards.

Publish boards: when board’s visibility is set to public, it is viewable by anyone, but nobody will be able to change the contents of the board except yourself. Visit the gallery to see examples.

Share boards: share boards with friends and let them have writing access rights or read-only.

Save web content: if you install the Chrome or Firefox extension right click the website you are viewing to store a note, a selection of text, an image, a link or the URL of the page.

Source: Note Board App

Photopea | FREE Online Image Editor

A FREE online image editor that you may want to take a look at (especially, if you are a Chromebook user)…

Open and edit PSD, XCF, Sketch (Photoshop, Gimp and Sketch) or any other image files. Inspect PSD and Sketch files. Convert Sketch to PSD. Apply photo effects and filters. A perfect alternative to Photoshop or Gimp.

Source: Photopea | Online Image Editor

Protopage – Your Customized Browser Home Page

May want to take a look at Protopage if you enjoy customizing your own browser home page (start page). Protopage has been around since 2005.

Protopage is your own personal page that you can access from any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can monitor news headlines from almost any website. Your page can be private or public. Keep bookmarks, to-do lists, sticky notes, and much more.

Source: Protopage

What is –

Want to customize, and I mean really “customize”, your very own browser start page (also called your “home page”). If so, take a look at… I have been using this service for quite some time and it continues to improve. I currently have my (home page) setup as a dashboard where I can, at a glance, see my emails, task, calendar, weather, calculator, news, etc… Big, big timesaver! This is all done via widgets that you can install and move around. Highly recommended…

We spend a lot of time on the Internet. We browse the web to discover. Or we search for something specific, like a delicious recipe or a motivational article.’s bookmark manager lets you easily save and organize all of your favorite webpages on a customizable dashboard. Using, you’ll spend less time digging for links and more time browsing them.

Source: What is –

Dark Sky – Nice Weather Forecasting and Visualization App

Really like this Weather application… No ads; plus, very accurate. Available at the source link below and as an app on your Android and iOS devices…

Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information: with down-to-the-minute forecasts for your exact location, you’ll never get caught in the rain again. (It’s like magic!)

Source: Dark Sky

Reeddit – Minimal, elastic and read-only web app client for Reddit

Elastic, minimal, mobile-first and read-only Reddit web-app client. If you are a follower of Reddit, then you know how “not user friendly” their web page is. This web-app client, called Reeddit, solves the ugliness by cleaning up the interface to only show you the most important information from the posts and comments. Basically, in a nutshell, it is a “read-only” application that does not allow voting, points or commenting. In my case, when it comes to Reddit, I am not into that anyway; however, Reddit is one of those popular sites where you are liable to see, read and learn anything. From what I researched, Reedit is an open-sourced application (on GitHub).

If you do not know what Reddit is: Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. [source: Wikipedia]

Source: Reeddit – Minimal, elastic and read-only web app client for Reddit

Best Website for FREE Stock Market Data and Financial Markets Summary – Wall Street Journal

If you know of any other FREE sites that monitor the stock market in real-time, let me know. The page that the Wall Street Journal is one of the best I have found to get a quick view of the current market conditions (see source link below).

Financial stock market overview with major US stock indexes, currencies, futures, rates, currencies and ETFs. A complete overview of US market data

SOURCE:  Stock Market Data & Financial Markets Summary – Wall Street Journal

Free Online Poster Maker, Create Your Own Stunning Posters – DesignCap

As a blogger and reviewer of tech products, I often receive emails from developers promoting their products. Recently I received an email from a developer called PearlMountain, that specializes in graphic design software, requesting I take a look at an online web app that they have put together called “DesignCap Poster Maker”. Ironically, as some of you may know from some of my past blog postings, I have been messing around with a Google Chromebook, which is dependent of online web applications; and, that I have been on the hunt for applications, such as the “DesignCap Poster Maker”.

So far, from what I have tested out, this application is a keeper. I have been looking for an online app to make posters and signs and so far this one is the best one yet. You can create a poster from scratch or by using one of the numerous templates provided to get started. You can add photos, text, clipart, and backgrounds (in layers), with ease.  For example, below is a poster I put together, in a matter of minutes, using this application.


Some Highlights:

* Hundreds of fully customizable templates.
* Thousands of resources: a wide variety of stock photos, clipart images, shapes, fonts, and backgrounds.
* Powerful editing tools.
* Free and easy to use.

DesignCap’s poster maker allows anyone to create custom posters with lots of templates, clipart, and fonts, etc. in minutes, no advanced graphic skills needed. Try it for free now!

SOURCE: Free Online Poster Maker, Create Your Own Stunning Posters – DesignCap

Start Using Pocket and Learn 12 Pocket Tips to Help You Read it Later

If you are not using Pocket, I highly recommend that you do. Typically, in the past, I would bookmark sites I wanted to go back to in my browser. Well, that all changed when Pocket came out. Pocket is a free service that makes it easy to discover great content that’s personalized to your interests, and save this content so you can return to it later – on any device, at any time. It’s your one-stop destination for reading engaging content, catching up on your favorite blogs and news sources, and watching videos that you discovered but weren’t in the right place to watch. Now, there’s no longer a reason to worry about finishing up an article before getting to work, sending the kids to school, or making that next cup of coffee.

At launch, Pocket was actually known as Read It Later, before the App Store even existed. But after a 2012 name change, it has evolved into a seriously handy app. Beyond articles, you can save videos, images, and anything that has a URL, really. It archives whatever you’ve saved so you can access it offline (except videos), which is particularly helpful when cell service is spotty.

I encourage you to give Pocket a try. You will not regret it; AND, as an added bonus check our the 12 Pocket Tips to Help You Read it Later at

Source: 12 Pocket Tips to Help You Read it Later |

Desygner | Design online from your computer, tablet or phone

For my Chromebook was looking for a graphic design program and stumbled across Desygner which is an online web app that you use in your web browser. So far, very impressed with what I can do with Desygner. I especially like the idea I can search for and use images that are 100% royalty free and can also use Google search to find images, as well.


Desygner is a free graphic design software with hundreds of ready-made beautiful templates which can easily be tweaked, shared and printed in minutes. Design online and create your own stunning designs from your computer, tablet or phone. Become a Desygner today, and start creating social media posts, header images, banner ads, business documents, marketing materials, and more.

Source: Desygner | Design online from your computer, tablet or phone

EmailThis – Email Web Pages (ad-free) To Your Inbox

As part of my ongoing project of using a Gmail account to create a customized note-taking app (see full article here) I started exploring ways that I could send stuff to the account (like you can with other note-taking apps). What I discovered was EmailThis that works as a Google Chrome extension and will work with other browsers through a bookmarklet. I found that it does not work with sites behind a login; however, works the great majority of the time by stripping out the ads and presenting the final product (in an email) that can be easily read. Perfect for what I was looking for.

EmailThis will remove ads & distractions from the page and send you a beautifully formatted email with just the text and images. You can read the email anytime you like, anywhere you like – on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


SOURCE: EmailThis

Lifewire | A Slacker Radio Review

Looking to relax this weekend? If so, give Slacker Radio a try. Full review at source link reflected below…


Slacker Radio is an online music service that you can use to listen to hundreds of compiled radio stations, or even create your own customized ones. With support for social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, you can also share your radio stations with friends and find out what they are listening to. Even though Slacker is essentially a subscription service, it offers a free basic account so that you can test drive its features before committing financially. To find out more, read this full Slacker Radio review to discover how it measures up to other Internet radio services like Pandora, Spotify, and others.

Source: Slacker Radio Review

GEEK SQUEAKS – Featuring A Windows 8.1 Update Install Marathon On A HP Computer (following a hard drive failure).

[FEATURED GEEK SQUEAK] A Windows 8.1 Update Install Marathon On An HP Computer (following a hard drive failure) – This squeak is from a personal experience that I will keep short; therefore, a chopped up description.

Windows 8.1 Update

Have you ever ran a marathon and you thought there was no end? To me the experience below was unbelievable and was like running a marathon.

My Father’s All-In-One HP computer, running Windows 8.1, still under warranty, had a hard drive failure. Called HP, patched to India, on the phone for an over an hour to run the diagnostics and listen to them trying to scare me into buying the extended warranty. Hard drive failure confirmed, patched to another person in India who kept telling me how wonderful I was. Hard drive shipped (within 3 days), and installed (in less than 15 minutes); then, the real fun began.

The drive shipped with HP’s Windows 8 recovery software.  My objective was to get the machine up and running, then upgrade to Windows 8.1…

Long story short, started at 6 pm and finished after 1 am.  Over 7 hours to run the recovery, download all of the Windows updates, and download/install Windows 8.1.  The time involved did not include the other tweaking required to get my Father’s PC back to the point he originally was at (i.e. printer install, third party software installs, cosmetic changes, etc…).

I am definitely, at my next visit, going to image the disk…  Has anyone else experienced this?



[MICROSOFT OFFICE] Microsoft Launches Cheaper Office 365 Personal – First unveiled last month, Office 365 Personal lets you run Microsoft’s cloud-based document creation and editing suite on one PC or Mac and one tablet for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. Office 365 Personal is available online, at Microsoft stores, and through online and retail partners… @PCMag

[REMOTE PC ANDROID APP] Chrome Remote Desktop – Securely access your computers from your Android device. On each of your computers, set up remote access using the Chrome Remote Desktop app from Chrome Web Store. On your Android device, open the app and tap on any of your online computers to connect… @Google Play

[COMPUTER ACCESSORIES] Vantec CB-ISATAU2 SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter Supports 2.5-Inch, 3.5-Inch, 5.25-Inch Hard Disk Drives – The SATA/IDE-USB Adapter gives you the flexibility of connecting almost any type of drive to your computer via USB.  SATA, 3.5-inch IDE, 5.25-inch IDE, and 2.5-inch IDE drives are all supported and can be easily hot-swapped to your system.


Vantec CB-ISATAU2 SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter

The included external power adapter will allow you to power your drives outside your system giving you the ability to quickly add or swap between drives without opening your case.  The SATA/IDE-USB adapter incorporates 3 interfaces to one USB adapters… @Amazon

[COMPUTER BACKUP SOFTWARE] FREE Backup Software Protects System & Data of Your PC – Back up your most important files and folders on a regular basis. Create a system image to keep Windows and applications safe. Back up entire hard disk or specified partitions, or just cloning them. Save time and effort with automatic, incremental, and differential backups… @AOMEI

[WEB APP] Zenpen – A minimalist writing zone by Tim Holman, to get you into that zone, where you can focus on the writing – with none of the distractions… @ZenPen

[HOW TO] Windows 8.1 Update tip: Clean up that disk space nowNow that you’ve had about a week to play around with the update—which brings the taskbar to the modern UI, among other welcome additions—the next few days present a good time to clear up extra space on your hard drive by getting rid of some Windows Update files.How much space you’ll recover depends on whether you’ve ever run the Disk Clean-up utility, and the number of different Windows versions you’ve ever run on your PC… @PCWorld

Learn a byte at a time with Geek Squeaks’ — featuring a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it… I just plain love tech!

Be Sure To Visit

FREE – Instant Access Weather App

Anyone who visits the blog knows that I love clocks and weather apps. Today I bring to you a web app that gets right to the point with the weather.  It is called Sunlikely .

Sunlikely, offers a very easy to use and very attractive interface, that provides you with the current temperature, doppler radar, the hourly forecast and the daily forecast. If you have a tablet pc, this app would be a great app to include.

I contacted the developer of Sunlikely to encourage further development and to possibly also include the time and date in the interface. The developer was very receptive to my input and indicated they were working on that feature.  In the end, in my opinion, very nice web app.

Sunlikely is a weather application designed to give you instant access to the weather around you, without the clutter of other sites.


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WeatherByte – A Clean and Simple Weather App

It does not get any simpler than this! If you want a to display the current weather, temperature, forecast, time and date (at a defined location) without a lot of fuss, then WeatherByte is for you.


Simply visit the web site [ HERE ], enter your location and how you want the temperature reflected. That is all there is too it.

WeatherByte Location

Weatherbyte is great to display on your computer, home theater, Google TV, Boxee, etc…  Instead of using a screensaver, I often bring up WeatherByte and have it on the screen so that I have a quick (and fast) glance of the current weather conditons.  Hmmm…  Maybe the developer could turn this into a screensaver app.

WeatherByte is also available as a Google Chrome app from the Google Chrome Web Store [ HERE ] .


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An Awesome Web-Based Sticky Notes Service

Years ago when I first experienced electronic sticky notes, I thought WOW…  No more paper notes hanging around my computer monitor.  Most electronic sticky note programs require a software installation to work; until now!  As a result of cloud computing, a web-based virtual sticky notes program, called Linoit, was born. After setting up an account (for FREE) with Linoit, you can access your sticky notes anywhere there is internet service. Linoit works directly from your web browser within a moveable “canvas” (where you can use your own background image), which is like a user specific bulletin board-like area. With this Linoit you can even share sticky notes with others.


There are so many features and options with this program that I encourage to visit the website [ HERE ] ; HOWEVER, there is one feature with Linoit that I think is really cool. Once you sign up for your account, get the “linoit anywhere” bookmarklet. Click on the “lino anywhere” bookmarklet anywhere, anytime, from any website and if you are signed into your Linoit account, your sticky notes will magically appear (overlay with transparent background) on the the page you are visiting. I can’t say I have seen anything like this with any other cloud computing service.  Also, if you use Google Chrome, you can install Linoit as a Chrome app [ HERE ] .

If you would like to experience Linoit to see what it is like, you can visit Linoit’s public sticky notes “HOW TO” board [ HERE ] .  Kudos to Linoit for making an ingenious web-based sticky notes program.


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Which Calculator Do You Like?

If you are in a pinch and need easy access to a calculator, did you know that there are quite a few calculators available on the internet that you can call up in your web browser? I recently went on the hunt for some of the web based calcuators and narrowed my selection to the four reflected below. You can visit these calculator sites by clicking on the links below. They are all fully functional and FREE. If there are any  that I have missed, let me know!

Out of the four, which calculator do you like?










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A Free-For-All Comprehensive Home Page

When I am on other PC’s, other than my own, I like making observations of such things like how the person keeps their Windows desktop organized or what their home page is in their web browser. As a techie type person these simple observations act as a gauge and tell me a lot about the person or person(s) behind that computer.

I have found that a great majority of people when they get a new computer will very seldom change or mix-up their selection for their web browser homepage. They usually will have the home page set to their internet service provider’s web site thinking it is a requirement of the provider. Folks, far, far, far from the truth… You can set that homepage to whatever web site you desire. As a matter of fact, in any of the popular browsers, you can have an array of sites (more than one page) load when you start your browser. Folks, it is time to get out of that browser home page rut and start mixing it up…

How would you like to have a home page where you can add your own favorite sites and at the same time have access to categorized links (already configured for you) to the most popular sites on the internet?  It is possible by using AllMyFaves.  As a matter of fact, once you signup at AllMyFaves, add your own favorites, you can then share your page with your friends at your very own web link.


The last time I did a review on AllMyFaves, the option to add your own favorite sites, was not available. As a matter of fact, I was very excited to see this option. This tells me that the developers are listening to the users and bringing AllMyFaves to the cloud computing level (which is the future).


AllMyFaves is a free-for-all, comprehensive home page that offers an original approach to exploring the Internet. Instead of, say, typing a key search word into the text box of a search engine, AllMyFaves has already organized all the topics and information that are available on the web in a form of a list of categories and logos. This way, AllMyFaves is actually a simple and efficient visual directory of the Internet.

In addition to the option of adding your own favorite sites, you will see links to Weekly Faves and Weekly Games. The Weekly Faves are updated every Monday and the Weekly Games are updated every Wednesday.

Join AllMyFaves

AllMyFaves – What more could you ask for in a home page? To learn more about and sign up for this FREE service, I encourage you visit, AllMyFaves [ HERE ] . If you need a visual on how to add your own sites to your AllMyFaves home page, click [ HERE ] to watch the video.


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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#53)

It is that time again…  Geek Squeaks’ is a weekly rundown of links to articles posted from the blogs that are associated with the What’s On My PC blogroll community.  If you have a desire to keep up with information technology and computers, then I suggest you make these sites part of your daily routine.


TTC Shelbyville
2000 mw USB Wireless – 2 Watts of Power

Carputer’s News and Computer Tips
100 Free and Useful Portable Apps

I Love Free Software
Penzu – Free Online Personal Diary and Journal

Worthy Tips
BasicTwitter – A desktop client
to manage multiple twitter accounts

Internet Security Blog
Block, Avoid, Identify Paypal, EBay,
Bank Phishing Emails with Iconix

Canadian Tech Blogger
What free email service should I use?

Computer Maintenance
Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Free PC Security
Malicious Sites March 23

Do You Really Know Where That Link Is Taking You?

Tech-for Everyone

Sugarloaf Tech
Uninstall Trend Micro without a password
TeamViewer – functional remote access tool

Which Browser Should I Use: Firefox or Chrome?

Crazy World of G
Export This Part 5

thePC Security
Comodo Dragon Review | The Secured Browser on Chromium

AKS-Feel The Change
Linkbait Generator-Generate Catchy Blog Post ideas

Carol’s Vault
My word!!! Please, don’t be rude!
How to Remove Security Guard

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Free ThreatFire – Advanced Security Against Malware

Right On Technology
AT&T adding Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus soon

Freeware Pharmacy

Plato Press
Biggest Threat to Endangered Species: the Internet

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Windows Live, Stats and Nostalgia

TuneUp Blog About Windows
Building the Perfect Media Center (Part Two)

WP Xpert
Custom Header Workaround For The New Theme Titan

What’s On My PC
Test Your Internet Connection Speed


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How to tell if your Gmail Account has been compromised…

I recently made a decision to use my Gmail account as my primary email client and have not regretted it.  Gmail is a little different than the email clients you may be used to with terms like conversations, labels, and stars; but, once you learn and get past that there is no going back ( in my opinion).  Oh, and not forgetting to mention, it is fast.

One really neat feature to look for when you log into your Gmail account next time is located at the very bottom of your Gmail pages.  It is called “Last account activity”…  (see below).


If you click on the “Details” link, you can find information about recent activity in your mail account (see below). Recent activity is a log of sorts that tracks the occasions your account is accessed. This includes any times that your mail account was accessed, using a regular web browser, through a POP client, from a mobile device, etc. A list of IP addresses from which the access was made, as well as the time and date, is also collected and made available.


Why is this important?

By using this feature you can determine if there are any signs that your account has been compromised.  For example, many users typically sign into their Gmail using a single computer (e.g. your computer at home). In this scenario, your IP address should start with the same two sets of numbers (for example, 168.18.xx.xx).  If you start seeing the first two sets of these numbers greatly varying from your typical IP address numbers, it means one of two things.  One, you recently accessed your mail from a different location or two someone else has accessed your account.

The whole point of this article is to point this feature out to you and to prompt you into using it.  The more you use it, the more you will understand it.  It just may save you from having your account hijacked.  In the event you suspect that your account has been compromised, I suggest you immediately change your Gmail password and security question.

To learn more about Gmail and its’ features, I encourage you to visit Gmail Support and The Official Gmail Blog .


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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#38)

Another great roundup of articles from the What’s On My PC blogroll community.  If you are a person that is looking to get an edge on the latest in information technology and computers, I highly recommend that you visit these sites on a daily basis.


Tech-for Everyone
Media Center Recordings Filled Disk

Scoroncocolo Tech Pages
How to Use Google Wave

FreeCommander : An Advanced File Manager

Carputers News and Computer Tips
Internet Explorer 8 and Compatibility View

TTC Shelbyville
How To: Setting Up Active Directory Group Policies –
Network Computing

The Abbey Rose
Universe Firefox

I Love Free Software
Eraser: Permanently Delete Files from Hard Disk

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Final

Worthy Tips
Handy Backup –
A Cost Effective Life Insurance For Your System

Best Collection of Aero Wallpapers for your Desktop!

Freeware Elite
Check whether a blog is down with “IS MY BLOG WORKING?”

Free PC Security
Malicious Sites November 24

Online Holiday Shopping Tips
Run web app in dedicated window of Firefox or Chrome

Hands-On Look at What’s New in Office 2010 [Screenshot Tour]

Crazy World of G
Gov K. Says No LNG Investigation

Computer Too Slow
How to control a desktop remotely

thePC Security
12 Tips to Avoid Phising –
Protection From Phishing Emails and Sites

AKS-Feel The Change
Resize Images Automatically with Dropresize

Carol’s Vault
Online storage services still around
How to Remove Enterprise Suite

Plato On-Line
Fake Facebook Uncovered

Evilfantasy’s Blog

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
5 Free Microsoft Programs – Really!

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Live Photo Gallery v Google Picasa.round 4.

Canadian Tech News Blog
CNET: Top 5 Tech Turkeys

TuneUp Blog
PDC09 – L.A. Day 1 Coverage

Freeware Pharmacy
Essential Apps For…

What’s On My PC…
Microsoft Office Templates


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