At Last, The Secret to Satellite Internet Security is Revealed

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Satellite communication is referred to as one of the most popular communication technology used for global communication.

Its applications are vast. Military intelligence, Broadband internet service, and weather forecasting are its some most popular applications.

The satellite dish network internet Wi-Fi is supposed to be the best solution for getting internet in the rural areas.

Although its advantages are vast still security in the satellite communication is a significant concern.

There are many limitations. For example, power control, high link delay, and link availability are some of the standard security issues on the satellite internet.

During the satellite communication, protections of the links and the satellites are not enough. Sound integrity and the confidentiality of the downlink earth stations is also a significant concern.

In this article, you will witness security issue with the satellite internet. Some of the main security issue covered in this article are:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Satellite security link protocol issues
  • Network infrastructure issues
  • TCP based security issues
  • Information-System based security issues
  • Long delays

Satellite internet Connection: A satellite internet connection involves 3 satellite dishes.

One is at the ISP hub, the second one is in the space, and the third one is attached to your property.

Why is Security Needed?

It is needed for the following 

  • Confidentiality: This means that some specific users are allowed the information access.
  • Integrity in the Information Delivery: This means the information is the same and is not corrupted. To know more about data integrity read 
  • Authentication: This refers to the verification of the identity of the
  • Access Control: This means to avoid any unauthorized access
  • Key Management: This refers to managing the security keys.

Security Issues with the Satellite Internet:

These include:

  • Eavesdropping: Eavesdropping and active intrusion are the primary concern while transmitting sensitive data through the satellite internet.

The issue of eavesdropping occurs with the satellite internet as most wireless networks are used over the downlink in this 

  • Satellite Security Link Protocol Issues:  A protocol named AKE (Authenticated Key Exchange) is used to have a secure channel between nodes.
  • This protocol allows two parties to communicate after sharing a shared key between each other.
  • This protocol uses symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.

In the symmetric approach, a large number of pairwise keys are required.

Generating and managing these keys is an issue in the satellite communication.

In the asymmetric approach, one node obtains other node’s public key, and then a trusted third party comes in between for the verification.

Satellite communication suffers from long time delay during the data transmission the asymmetric one doesn’t perform well 

  • Network Infrastructure Issues: The ground station-based network infrastructure suffers from problems too.

a) Satellite-Based Hybrid Networks Issues: The satellite channel does not put any limitation on the receiving of signals to the unauthorized users.

  • The poor link security result in jamming of the well-equipped combatant.
  • In bad weathers, satellite channels have to face bursts of errors which result in packet loss.
  • Thus, this causes data integrity loss too.

b) Broadband Multicast Satellite Communication Issues: Use of protocols functionalities such as IP multicast results in various security issues.

  • TCP Based Security Issues: The TCP has considered well for wired internet, but with the satellite links, many performance issues arise like propagation delay and channel noise effect.

Due to noise effect issue the bit error rate rises.

  • Information System Based Security Issues:

These include:

  • DDoS attack
  • Object reusability issues
  • Masquerading attacks
  • Sniffing
  • Snooping

Among such attacks DDoS is the most common one.


The DDoS attack is considered to be among the most dangerous security attacks on the satellite network infrastructure.

  • In DDoS attack, the services are made unavailable to the authorized users by affecting the information systems.
  • The DDoS attack is possible because of the limitation of the satellite’s transponder’s power and the processing capability.
  • It can cause severe damage to the infrastructure.

Classification of DDoS Attacks:

They are classified as:

  1. Bandwidth depletion attack
  2. Resource depletion attack

Issues with the DDoS Tracing Mechanism:

The currently deployed tracing mechanism for the DDoS attack is following issue:

  • Scalability limitations
  • High memory cost
  • Poor resource consumption
  • High computational cost
  • Long Delays:

The users of the satellite internet demand confidentiality and data integrity along with other benefits.

Sometimes satellite channels also experience long delays which result in the damage of security synchronization.

Thus, an encryption system is needed that prevents the QoS (Quality of service) degradation due to the security processing.

Final Words:

Security researchers have confirmed the presence of design flaws and vulnerabilities in the satellite communication system.

These vulnerabilities can allow the remote attackers to intercept, block and take the full control of the communication.

The satellite internet is now being widely used as it provides global internet connection.

The satellite-based network architecture is the real future of the internet.

But the limitations of this system need to be improved too.

The security of your internet connection is what you desire the most.

It is also much difficult to use VPN with the satellite internet as they aren’t much compatible with it.

For VPN, low latency and high bandwidth setup are required which is quite tricky in case of satellite internet.

Author Bio: Allen Jame is a blogger and a web developer. Allen loves reading and writing blogs.

Author - Allen Jame

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