IMPORTANT FACEBOOK USERS: Do Not Fall For The Online Popup Tech Support Scam

I am seeing an increase of this scam lately with (see video below) Facebook users and is typically activated by clicking on a web link that is criminal in nature. I urge you read my brief description below on how the scam works; AND, encourage you to watch the video so that you can see in “real-time” how these scammers take over a computer.


If you suddenly get a popup window on your computer (similar to what is pictured below in the video) informing you that it is a critical alert and your computer is infected; PLEASE, do not fall for the scam and call the phone number. If you have your speakers turned on you may hear a robotic voice repeatedly telling you to call the phone number and instructing you to not turn your computer “off” due that it is infected and will cause further damage. If you do call the phone number, you will be connected to a live person (the scammer) who will talk you into them taking over your computer, which they will do, and when done will want payment from you via credit card. At this point, your credit card is compromised and you will need to call your credit card provider to shut down the card. Failure to pay often results in the scammer actually causing mishap to your computer and they may become verbally threatening (and will even you call you back if you hang up on them).  Bottomline, Microsoft or no tech support will ever call or popup on your computer.


To exit out of the popup, which you most likely will not be able to do, via normal means, simply hit “ctrl-alt-del” (simultaneously) on your keyboard, select “Task Manager”; then, select your browser on the task manager list, and click on “end process”. This typically will resolve the issue. If this too much to follow, take the nuclear option and unplug the computer from the wall, wait a few seconds, plug back in and restart the computer.  As an added precaution, I would download and run “AdwCleaner” and “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” to remove any browser hijackers and malware that may be associated with this scam. Also, the appearance and methods of these tech support scams change on a regular basis. I have even heard that this scam is so organized that there are call centers set up with numerous people trained to run the scam.

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