A Solution To Auto-Encrypt Files That You Store In The Cloud

At times I think we are getting to comfortable with storing our personal files in the cloud; whether be Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, etc… Once those files leave your PC they are out there and in essence will always be out there (even if you delete them).  A level of protection to look at that I found at I Love Free Software is Cryptomator.

I Love Free Software provides a very nice (and brief) tutorial on how to set up Cryptomator to ultimately encrypt the files you are syncing with Dropbox; however, as pointed out, this process will work with many of the online cloud drive providers.



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  1. The linked article on Cryptomator fails to mention the very important fact that it is open source, something I regard as an absolute requirement for such a program. Because of that, I was actually suspicious about it at first. However, it is OK. For better detailed-level information on the program and how it does encryption, see what is posted about it at github: https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator

    (Now that I checked into it, it does not look like enough of a simplification compared to just creating an encrypted archive in 7-Zip and uploading that. For folks who upload encrypted stuff sufficiently often it may well be a boon.)


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