Beware Of The Social Security Email Scam — and MORE GREAT GEEK SQUEAK STUFF (#2016-10)

Beware Of The Social Security Email Scam – I felt this important enough to “pass it on” and post about the most recent Social Security Email Scam where you receive a phlishing email that leads you to believe it is from the Social Security Administration. I first read about this on the Comsumer Reports website.

Here is what Consumer Reports had to say about this scam:

This Social Security email is a classic phishing ploy, a form of identity theft in which hackers use fraudulent websites and fake emails to attempt to steal your personal data, especially passwords and credit card information. Clicking on the link may open your computer to malware, such as viruses and spyware. Or the link might send you to a spoof site—a copycat version of the Social Security Administration’s site—to trick you into entering your personal information, including your Social Security number [source: Consumer Reports]

It is important to report all questionable emails to the FTC and to the organization impersonated in the email. You can initiate a scam report at the FTC Complaint Assistant web site by — CLICKING HERE .

How problematic are scams, such as this? I encourage you to visit the FTC’s Scam Alert page to see the multiple listing of “known” scams — CLICK HERE . What I find is that the scammers will follow similar patterns in their scams by using clever schemes to get people to send money or give out personal information. I have found that the scammers prey on the elderly, who came from a trusting generation. Always, with most things in life these days, “believe nothing and verify everything”.


TCAT Shelbyville Blogs Windows 10 Update Information – Thank goodness I follow the TCAT Shelbyville blog. I just learned this past week, from their site, that Microsoft has unleashed and update that is quite large in size (+500 mb). These large updates affect those who are on limited bandwidth’s (such as a satellite connection); and, they are wondering why they are mysteriously exceeding their bandwidth limitations. Actually, looking at what this update consists of, they should have called it an upgrade (LOL)…  I encourage you to visit the TCAT Shelbyville Technical Blog to learn more… Again, to see detailed information about Windows 10 Updates, you can visit Microsoft’s new site that provides a history on these updates (click here)…


My Favorite Third Party Windows Task ManagerAnVir Task Manager FREE is the task manager that I use and carry in my tech toolbox (a portable version is available, as well as the full install version). If you look at the graphic below, you will see that this task manager is like a swiss utility knife. I have included this program on the download’s page under the software and portable apps swarms.

AnVir Task Manager FREE

 AnVir Task Manager is a swiss knife


A Dual-Pane Tree View File Explorer For Android – I recently switched over from ES File Explorer to X-plore File Manager and have not regretted it since. Don’t get me wrong, ES File Explorer is an excellent file manager, as well; however the big “main” feature I like about X-plore is the dual-pane tree view. This feature allows you to toggle from one file location to another, making file management faster (and easier). X-plore, like ES File Explorer, is loaded with all the features you would need for an android based application. I highly recommend X-plore…

X-plore File Manager

 X-plore File Manager- screenshot


A SanDisk Flash Drive With Dual Micro-USB and USB 3.0 Connectors – With the dual connections, the SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive With micro USB connector For Android Mobile Devices gives you the luxury of connecting this drive to your Windows OS based computer and to your Android OS based phone (or tablet).

SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive
With micro USB connector For Android Mobile Devices

SanDisk Dual USB


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2 thoughts on “Beware Of The Social Security Email Scam — and MORE GREAT GEEK SQUEAK STUFF (#2016-10)

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  1. Multiple comments:

    Regarding the lures of phishing emails, it does little good to call attention to any particular one these fraudulent messages since there are so many of them. You really need to hone your skills to be able to avoid all such attempts. There is plenty of advice out there about how to avoid falling prey to such emails. Here is one good set of such advice as published by the SEC:

    Regarding Windows 10 Update info, the link you need is not the one to the TCAT Shelbyville Technical Blog, but to the Microsoft site: That’s the Web page I bookmarked some time ago.

    Regarding Anvir Task Manager, much more discussion info here: I am among those who are fans of Mark Russinovich’s Process Explorer and several others of his excellent free (no promoted “pro” versions) Window’s utilities to be found here: Note Mark’s direct Microsoft connection.

    Regarding the Sandisk USB drive. The price is good, but it should be noted that there are great many Android devices which do not support OTG or otherwise hosting a USB device. Playing the role of a remote device (to a PC) via micro USB, which most Android devices will do, is not the same as hosting a USB device. Note also that it is about as easy to transfer media files from an Android device to a PC using the normal remote USB port capability as it would be to transfer them to a hosted USB drive (assuming that is even a possibility) – in which case you only need to transfer them once.


    1. David,

      I solely pointed out the Social Security Scam due it is one of the most recent; plus, I provided additional information to let people know that there is more to this than just this one scam. My focus is for the home based user…

      Yes, I have a link to TCAT Shelbyville in the write-up due they are a partner of mine and renown IT School. I love giving kudos to my supporters.

      Anvir — Yes many task managers options out there and I have promoted (pointed out) the sysinternal utilities quite a few times in the past. You will find that I don’t get into great details on any particular program. I like pointing out programs that I know to be good and then let the end user make their decision (as you do).

      The SanDisk Drive, again I am pointing out a great device for people; especially, those you are not as computer savvy as you may be. There are tons of options out there to connect to an Android device to transfer files, remote sessions, etc… I have tried nearly all of them. Personally, I use an Android file manager with built in LAN capabilities to move stuff back and forth.

      Thanks for commenting… Also, I think you should seriously consider setting up a blog. You have great insight on this stuff.



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