Your Smartphone May Be Tracking You And Everywhere You Go (with Timestamps)

Friend of mine pointed me to this NBC News Video that explains in approximately 3 minutes how our smartphones (whether it be an Apple iPhone or Google Android Phone) are configured, by default, to track everywhere you go and keep a history of your movements. If you are not familiar with the settings on your phone that turn “on” this services, I highly recommend you take a moment, watch the video, and learn how to turn “off” these service.

How scary is this?  I have an Android Smartphone and when I purchased the phone, I had turned the Google Location Services to “off”.  I knew full well this was a tracking component; but, what I didn’t know was how powerful it was, until now.

For experimental purposes (and for benefit of this article), I turned the services back “on” and drove my wife to work. When I returned home I went to my desktop computer and went to Google’s Location History web site (you must have a google account in order for this to work). Low and behold my every movement from leaving my house, taking my wife to work, and returning home was tracked.

Also, to visually demontrate this, below is a screenshot (from my smartphone) where this service tracked my movements using Google Maps. I deliberately reduced the screenshot size so as not to reveal my location. If you notice to the left side of the map there is a calendar. If you have the service turned “on”, you can click on any date to determine where you have been (or your cheating lover), with associated timestamps.  You can also export the data to an XML file and most importantly an option to delete the data and the history… Again, watch the video and know how to turn these settings “on” and “off”.

Google Location History


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