How To Determine If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Let’s face it, our mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have become an attachment to our self. As a result, when we use the web browser on these devices we want the websites to load and fit the screen size without having to make adjustments. Web sites that are able to automatically make these adjustments are known as mobile-friendly sites. I know myself, if I visit a site on my smartphone and it is difficult to read and navigate, I typically will not revisit the site.

How important is this? If your site is not mobile-friendly (not formatted to fit the screen) there is a possibility your Google PageRank will be affected (read this). Of course site content is a major factor in maintaining a high PageRank; however, Google is now also factoring mobile friendliness into this mix, as well. To learn more about Google PageRanking  CLICK HERE

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How To Determine If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

If you want to determine if your site (or any site for that matter) is mobile-friendly, I encourage you to take the Mobile-Friendly Test at the Google Developers web site.

 This test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.

Learn more about the mobile-friendly criteria and how it may affect Google’s search results by reading our blog post.


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  1. I don’t deny this is important. The problem is for small business owners who really can’t afford to redo their websites to comply with this new algorithm. Now, less viewers will find us.

    There’s always Bing…


    1. Jacqui,

      You are absolutely right! When this information first came to me I immediately went into an “oh no” mode (wondering if my blog was mobile friendly). Luckily my site design is not complex and is mobile friendly; however, many folks out there that have put a great deal of work into their sites (such as yourself), that have complexities built-in, are definitely saying “oh no”… We are at the mercy of Google when these changes are made. I would not want to be in a business, where site traffic is a key element for survival, due to algorithm changes being made that ultimately could impact traffic to the site…



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