Your Passwords Must Have Length and Complexity

What you know about password security is probably wrong, is the title of an article I came across at FierceCIO:TechWatch. It really caught my eye and I think it is important that I pass the most important part of this article on to you:

Passwords that are longer than eight characters are a must, and they should also involve a good mix of upper case characters, numbers and symbols. In addition, a level of randomness is required too, which automatically precludes any word or combination of words found in the dictionary – FierceCIO:TechWatch.

There are so many people that I know who use very simple passwords and do not ever change them. It is a hard sell to get them to change there way of thinking and to change their passwords. If anything, please use the advice given above for those accounts that are super important to you! If you don’t, you are postured for potential compromise of the account.



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4 thoughts on “Your Passwords Must Have Length and Complexity

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  1. The best way to remember a long password is using an acronym (or whatever that term is for letters–like IRS. I know. ‘Acronym’ spells out a word with initials)–like the first letter of ‘The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’-tqbfjotld. Would anyone guess that?


  2. I read the Ars article and I am more puzzled than ever. At least I use a password manager which is something they recommend. I see there is a follow up article so please draw attention to it when it arrives.


    1. PeeJay,

      Thank you for reading the article. That tells me that you take password management seriously; which, puts you ahead of the game. I will watch for the followup article.

      Bottomline, if anything, avoid using any word that is in the dictionary.



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