Bing vs. Google – Bing It On

Back in May of 2009 I posted an article titled, “bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine”. My intent of the article was to let people know that Microsoft had created their own version of a search engine that would be a main competitor to Google and Yahoo. I was actually impressed with Bing (back then) and I still am today; HOWEVER, following that article I received over 100 comments asking me (as if I was the creator of Bing) to remove Bing from their computers. Apparently Microsoft, as part of their marketing strategy of Bing (in a viral type of way), was making Bing show up on people’s computers in various ways and then making it difficult for people to then remove Bing from their computers. To me, not a very good way for people to develop a warm and fuzzy feeling for something.

I think Microsoft learned from that strategy and has been trying to get people to use Bing by sensationalizing it through various media sources (such as through TV commercials).  Today I happened across another attempt by Microsoft to bring Bing home and to draw attention to the power (and beauty) of the Bing Search engine.


Go to, BING IT ON, where you can do a side-by-side search analysis of the Bing Search Engine and the Google Search Engine. The site is sort of competitive in nature and gives you the opportunity to perform searches, then rate the outcome, as to which performed better. If anything, this is a nice source to perform a more extensive search using two very powerful search engines.



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  1. I have been a Bing user for some time now and I feel that it seems to give me more image content but that is not scientific. It does load fast and has some cool landing page images with little info squares regarding the image. I use both Google (mostly for answers to questions and spelling help) and Bing for image search. Both are really great tools. I recently searched something on Google and got over a billion listings. WOW! Anyway, I enjoy your informative articles. Thank you!


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