Stardock Makes Windows 8 Easier With ModernMix

Stardock is currently working on a Windows 8 application called ModernMix, that is a must have application for Windows 8. ModernMix is in Beta; however, it has been released for public use.

We all know that Windows 8 has been challenge for most users due to the interface change. We have been trained, by Microsoft, for over 20 years; to open, close and minimize applications via the windows controls in the top right corner of a window. When you boot to the Windows 8 Start Screen, which is host to and the launching point for Windows Apps, your first instinct is to try and close an app by looking for those controls; only to find out that they do not exist. ModernMix changes all of that.

After you install ModernMix you will notice that any App you open there is now a set of controls. These controls, located in the top right corner of the app you have open, allows you to toggle the app into a Windows mode, toggle the app back to the Start Screen Mode, or close the app. When you are at the desktop level and you have a Windows App open you can open, close and minimize the window (containing the app) just as you always have.  Another cool feature is that you can pin the app to the Windows taskbar.


Once the app is open in a Window it will act as it normally does.  For example, using the screenshot above.  I opened a news app on the Windows 8 Start Screen, toggled the control to the Windows mode (which took me to the desktop) and was able to scroll horizontally through the news articles.

ModernMix is currently $4.99, and typically I only promote FREE software; however, this is one exception. ModernMix is the missing link to Windows 8 and I highly recommend it. Stardock has once again pushed the envelope and came up with a very useful software application that will make your Windows 8 experience a good experience.



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