Search And Listen To Thousands Of Online Radio Stations With RadioTuna

I can remember the day growing up where a transistor radio and listening to a local radio station was high tech. Wow, has things ever changed! There are so many music sources today and music player devices, it will make your head spin…

I still get into the mood to listen to music, with my genre being country or classical; especially, when I am working on my computer. I tune into a station using my personal favorite online radio application called RadioTuna. What is cool about RadioTuna is that it is very easy to use and you have two options play music.


You can either visit the website, select the type of music you want to hear, select a station, and you are good to go; OR, you can download the RadioTuna Online Desktop Player (see screenshot below). I especially enjoy the desktop player, due I can set presets for the channels I desire to listen to.

RadioTuna Desktop Player

It is advisable to establish an account with RadioTuna so that you can save your favorites; however, an online account is not required.


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