A Free Software Utility To Edit The Windows 8 Quick Access (WinX) Menu

Recently I posted the article, A Must Learn Windows 8 Tip: How To Get To The Quick Access Menu And To The Windows 8 Start Menu. In summary, this menu appears when you place your mouse pointer in the bottom right corner of the screen and when the the Start Screen thumbnail (or tip) pops up, right mouse click on the thumbnail and the Quick Access menu will appear. This menu serves as a convenient and quick launching point to the advanced system functions on your computer. This menu is also known in the Windows 8 environment, as the WinX menu.  If you hit the Win key on your keyboard plus X (Win + X), this menu will appear.

WinX Menu

The WinX menu, I have found to be quite convenient and began thinking it would be a real plus if I could add my own items to the WinX menu. I began researching this and found that there is a folder on your computer called WinX which holds shortcuts, in groups, to the program items you see on the menu. At first, I thought I could add or remove the shortcuts and found that they are basically locked in place by the operating system; so, that option was ruled out.

I then started thinking that someone out there probably has developed software that will allow you to edit the WinX menu and sure enough I found a FREE software utility called Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8.

Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8

With Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8 you can edit the WinX menu without system files modification. You can rename, move items, add programs, add presets, add control panel items, create additional groups and remove items.

Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8

This little program is portable, works on a 32bit or 64 bit system, and is by the same developer of a program I featured in an article yesterday, called SimpleSndVol .


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