Try Norton Power Eraser If You Think Your Antivirus May Be Missing Something

I know during all my years of operating a computer there has been those isolated occasions where I suspected something was not right with the performance of the computer, that it suddenly slowed down and that viral activity may be present.  To troubleshoot a problem such as this, I would perform a virus and malware scan of the computer to see if something was amiss.  Oftentimes, the scanners would come up clean; yet, I was still not satisfied and was left wondering, did my antivirus scanner(s) miss something?

In instances, such as I described, it is good to get a second opinion. Recently, I started exploring a FREE standalone rescue tool called Norton Power Eraser (by Symantec) that is specially designed to aggressively target scamware, rootkits and eliminate threats that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect.

Screenshot - Norton Power Eraser

This is very important…  Only use Power Eraser as a last resort. As described it is designed to aggressively identify any potential culprits on your computer. For example, when I performed a scan, Power Eraser identified a shortcut on my PC and a process on my PC as being BAD and prompted me to remove them. The two items Power Eraser picked up are third party software applications and are perfectly OK.  It also identified a gamut of unknown files (as potential suspect files).

Screenshot - Norton Power Eraser

This is not to mean that Power Eraser does not do its’ job. It is to the contrary, it is designed to aggressively identify any potential culprits on your PC.  In conclusion, I see Power Eraser as a really good troubleshooting tool in picking up suspect files and processes that your normal scanner may not pick up.  It is up to you (or get professional assistance) to determine if those files and processes are good or bad.  With Power Eraser (by default), a System Restore Point is created before a fix is implemented.

See the tutorial for using Norton Power Eraser [HERE] .



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4 thoughts on “Try Norton Power Eraser If You Think Your Antivirus May Be Missing Something

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  1. Personally, I would use Power Eraser for removal of known infections only. It is superb tool for that but it could miss some parasites as well.
    Why I think so? Well, it is based on single AV engine only, and it can scan files and registry, but not processes that might cause problems. So it is extremely useful when you can’t launch AV programs or when the removal is impossible without alternate OS.
    For detecting parasites, multi-engine cloud scanners, like Hitman Pro or behavioral scanners like threatfire are far far more useful in my experience


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