An Online Save-A-Life Simulator

One of my passions (and career) was working as a guardian to other people (as a security and law enforcement professional). This was in conjunction to working (in another passion of mine) as a Computer Information Specialist. So you can see I was blessed and today I continue to be blessed…  Today, I serve in a part-time capacity as the lead safety & security agent at a State hospital where I help manage the security operations with a group of talented professionals. I truly love what I do and will do it as long as I possibly can.

In any position where you are tasked with the protection of people, you will most likely, at some point in time, be put into a position where you may have to perform measures to save another person’s life. I can tell you from working 34 years in the profession,  I have been in that position more than once.

Today I came across a website that literally could help save lives.  It is called Save-A-Life Simulator.

Save-A-Life Simulator

The Save-A-Life Simulator simulator presents you with a virtual reality situation where a person collapses in a mall. The simulator teaches you, by asking you questions, on what to do to save the person’s life.

The Save-A-Life Simulator is presented by the Heart Rescue Project which is a collaborative effort to increase the survival rates of people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

SCA is among the leading killers of Americans, claiming an estimated 350,000 people each year. More people die of sudden cardiac arrest than breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancer combined.  More than 90 percent of people who experience SCA die, representing a national survival rate that has not significantly changed in more than 30 years.

If you see someone collapse suddenly, check if the victim is responsive. If not, remember these three easy steps.

Call 911

Have them send help. Stay on the line and listen for further instructions.

Start Chest Compressions

If the person is not breathing normally, start chest compressions. Push down hard and fast in the center of the chest. Keep your arms straight. Send someone to find an AED.

Use An AED

The AED (automated external defibrillator) is a portable medical device that delivers an electrical shock to restart a person’s heart. It provides voice prompts that tell you exactly what to do and will only administer a shock if needed, so there’s no reason to hesitate.



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  1. Rick, I wonder if there is an app for calling 911 service showing your exact location to the 911 service. The app could show one what to do. An app for everything.


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