Bookmarks4Techs is Experiencing a Growth Spurt

This is an update of sorts on my sister site Bookmarks4Techs. I think I found the niche for the site as the number of daily page views has grown by leaps and bounds. The site features numerous sidebar RSS feeds from some of the top tech sites out there, links to every tech site that I can get my hands on, and links to tech products (and deals) that I find at Amazon. One hot draw to the site is the Hot Tech Site of the Day where I feature a Tech Site each day with links to articles hosted by the selected site. Bookmarks4Techs is coming into its’ own and is relatively new since I recently made changes; however, don’t be shyed away.  There is some really great content there for everyone and a great way to learn about computers and information technology.




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6 thoughts on “Bookmarks4Techs is Experiencing a Growth Spurt

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  1. Congrats! It’s fun and worth it to experiment. Google Analytics can help figure out what’s attracting the new traffic.

    A few months back, I benefited from a site being mentioned on Good Morning America that I had shared. It turns out that the site was the number one result in Google and my post was number two. Set a new record that day that’s going to be tough to top.


    1. Jason,

      Thanks for the great example. I do find that if I provide information on good quality sites and blogs, it definitely pulls in some traffic. That is great you had hits like that by just mentioning a site (that was apparently very popular or hot at the time).



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