A Visual Directory of the Best Sites on the Internet

How would you like to have a visual directory of what is considered the best of the internet at your fingertips? You can with a Kadaza.


Kadaza appears to be a relatively new service that claims to show  the absolute best and most popular websites in many different and numerous categories. Kadaza is very easy to use and requires no account or login.  Everything is already setup and ready to go in a very appealing speed dial type interface.


All sites on Kadaza are human selected with great care and organized in the best possible way, making it easy to use, intuitive, and helpful for everyone. We use a strict site selection process where sites on Kadaza should represent original, unique and informational content that contributes something unique to a specific Kadaza category. In short, we only select the best and most popular sites in each category. But we also introduce new and exciting sites.

From my testing of Kadaza I am finding the more I use it, the more engaging and enticing it becomes. There are customization features available such as creating a background and customizing your own tiles.

Sample Background Image


Your customization settings are stored as a cookie on your computer. One of the cool features of Kadaza is that when you clean your cookies, the settings automatically will restore themselves. So, even of you delete your cookies, you won’t loose your preferences at the Kadaza homepage.

Overall, Kadaza is a keeper and would definitely fit in as your main homepage in your browser. I do like the fact you do not have to sign up for anything which ultimately makes Kadaza a privacy pleaser.


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15 thoughts on “A Visual Directory of the Best Sites on the Internet

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  1. Great interface. Before I spend much time on it, in your browsing, did it allow you to store your own account information on each tile, so I can go directly to my stuff without logging in?


    1. Worddreams,

      There is no logging in with Kadaza. You can edit the tiles on the “Home” tab. The changes you make are stored in a “cookie”. If you clean your browser cache, the cookie will be lost that contained your settings. The solution to that is to tell your browser to not remove the Kadaza cookies. I hope this was as clear as mud : )



  2. Well you had already made my day by posting the Photo Magician app but now this is just a bonus. Just customized my Kadaza page and set it to load as one of my tabs in Firefox…which allowed me to get rid of two other tabs and will save me time from having to go to bookmarks menu.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Big Geek Daddy,

      Thank you… Just keep in mind, whatever tiles you customize, if you dump the browser cookies you will lose the settings. Go into your browser or cleaner and tell the browser not to dump Kadaza cookies.



      1. I use CCleaner so it was easy enough to set the Kadaza cookies to keep. Working like a charm! I showed it to my wife (The real test of if something I think is useful really is…LOL) and she immediately grasped the ease of use and benefits.


    1. Warren,

      I am going to assume that you have Kadaza set as your homepage in your browser. If so you will need to go into your browser setting and change the homepage to something else (another site you may like).

      On a side point, Kadaza will not slow down your computer. It is just another web site that provides links to other sites. It is a very reputable site that I personally have used since their beginning (which has been years). I am thinking you have some other issues going on that may be slowing your computer down, web browsing (internet), etc…




  3. Kadaza does not give HELP or answer inquires. Also Google and others can and do change the way your Kadaza home page is set up.


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